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System Types

Standard System
the hose is stored in a closet and taken out, uncoiled and plugged into an inlet to be used.

Data Sync System
tells you when to empty your canister, change a carbon dust filter, call for service at your fingertips! Onboard diagnostics tells how many hours the unit has operated.

Hide-A-Hose System
the retractable hose system stores the hose inside the vacuum pipe. When needed simply pull out the desired length to vacuum. When done, the suction pulls the hose back inside the pipe for easy storing.

Hybrid Systems
A hybrid system uses both standard system and Hide-A-Hose system features. Generally the Hide-A-Hose is located on the main living area where vacuuming occurs most frequently, and standard inlets with a hose to be stored on other levels vacuumed less often. This type of system is most common with upgrading existing systems to include the Hide-A-Hose feature.

Commercial and Industrial Systems
Small business to industrial applications exist. Whether it be hair salons, veterinary, car detailing centers, office or retail space, health clubs, gyms, apartment buildings or something else where there is potential need to operate several hoses simultaneously and have unlimited dirt canister capacity, we have solutions.

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