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Jason R. Bushey, 648 Bingham Brook Road, Charlotte, VT 05445
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“I have used a lot of vac systems in my time, but this system by far is the most efficient I have ever used.” — Eileen, professional house cleaner

“You were the easiest contractor to work with for the construction of our new home—thank you.” — Mary

“I am amazed at how they were able to ‘thread’ the vacuum pipe throughout my home so cleanly. It's like it’s always been there.” — David, Shelburne

“Jason’s professional service and product are the best I have found. He takes the time to ensure a flawless design. That's why I use him for all my projects.” — Gene, Burlington

“Of all the things I put into my new house—geothermal heat, solar panels, built in music—it’s the central vac that I like the best. I have to show all my friends how easily the Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system works.” — Steve, Newport

“We bought our first system from Jason. Then when we built our new house he put in the retractable hose system. I thought I liked my first system; I love this system!” — Lori, Fairfax

“Our central vac didn't work so well. My builder recommended Jason and he was able to identify the problems: an undersized power unit and leaks from a poor install. Now I have the Hide-A-Hose on the main floor and standard hose on the second. I never knew a central vac could work so well and so easy!” — Katherine, Hinesburg

“Jason was able to design and install a system for my commercial property. I was told by others that walls would have to be opened up. Jason was able to install without opening one. It went so nice I decided to have him put one in my home.” — Richard, Richford

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